When is a relationship toxic? read article

Mutual harm can occur over longer periods of time within a relationships, and they are then increasingly referred to as toxic. But what does that really mean?

Mental load: how does equal family management work? read article

Management in the household and family – thinking, planning, organising and actually achieving what you had planned – takes even more effort when there are children in the mix. These thousand-item-long to-do lists known as the mental load primarily fall on the women.

I don’t see any meaning in life read article

Identity crises or existential crises can occur at various stages of life. They could be triggered by specific events such as retirement or bereavement, but they could also just happen without any rhyme or reason.

Re-traumatisation caused by the war in Ukraine read article

Since reporting on the war in Ukraine started, Sonja Mille has noticed that people who experienced similar events are often reminded of previous experiences. This includes those who were driven out of former Yugoslavia and people who have fled the war in Syria.

Corona, war, the rise in living costs: it’s all too much! read article

Times like these are particularly difficult for lots of people, particularly those who are already stressed or react in a very sensitive way.

How do I explain war to my child? read article

From her counseling sessions, Isabella Kainersdorfer knows that the war in Ukraine is a taboo topic in many families and among friends.

The war in Ukraine and its effects on counseling sessions read article

Counseling centers are reporting increasing levels of discussion of the current war during counseling sessions.

Saying yes to yourself read article

“If you know where your own limits are, you can defend them. If others know where your limits are, they can protect them.”

How do supervised visits work? read article

Supervised visits are often court-mandated and enable minor children to have regular contact with parents with visitation rights despite the separation.

My friends gossip about me read article

Family, clothes, inadequate language skills, changes in behaviour, posts on social networks – these are some of the many reasons that could cause people to gossip about others.

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