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I don’t see any meaning in life

Identity crises or existential crises can occur at various stages of life. They could be triggered by specific events such as retirement or bereavement, but they could also just happen without any rhyme or reason.

“The topics of ‘who am I?’ and ‘what makes me unique?’ and what are known as identity crises can always occur. You can and should even ask these questions,” says Teresa Promitzer. It’s about coherent experiences and actions, “being real”, being yourself and feeling authentic. The search for values that are important to a person is human nature and is important.

“If you’re having what is known as an existential crisis, you need to decide to recognise it and ride it out first of all – that’s just the way it is. ”To come out of it and experience joy in life again, the graduate marriage, family and life counsellor recommends practising gratitude as a first step: “keep a gratitude diary where you write down things and situations you are grateful for.” Other questions you can answer for yourself include ‘what am I good at, what have I achieved?’ ‘How do I experience enjoyment?’ This will help you get back in contact with yourself.

“Look for something that brings you joy. For situations that warm your heart. It could be little things like the scent of a flower, looking at a beautiful picture or the taste of an apple. Whatever is right for you,” says the expert. Finding hobbies where you can use and feel your own skills is the most difficult task when you’re looking for meaning in life.

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Our interview partner

Teresa Promitzer is a graduate marriage, family and social worker and works in the team at IFP Gleisdorf and Hartberg, Styria.

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The interview was conducted in January 2023.

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