Constant conflict due to differing opinions read article

“Birds of a feather flock together” and “opposites attract”. Both are true in partners, but when frustration about different values, opinions or attitudes predominate, the couple need to do something.

I don’t see any meaning in life read article

Identity crises or existential crises can occur at various stages of life. They could be triggered by specific events such as retirement or bereavement, but they could also just happen without any rhyme or reason.

The desirable ideal of a woman: do I have to do all of it? read article

“Pressure on women has been increasing over time. Growing and changing ideals of beauty and body shape in women have been observed since the 1980s" says Karin Macke.

How to find mental rest read article

Impulse control disorders, outbursts of rage, heart attacks, digestive disorders – these and numerous other symptoms may occur as a result of mental overload being ignored.

Am I just melancholic or am I depressed? read article

People often feel mentally unwell for days or even weeks, but it’s difficult to pin down a specific issue or specific incident as the cause.

Saying yes to yourself read article

“If you know where your own limits are, you can defend them. If others know where your limits are, they can protect them.”

Is life harder for introverted people? read article

People who are more turned in on themselves, who are quieter, stand in the background and don’t elbow others out of the way to get through are generally referred to as introverted.

What is manipulation and how can I recognise it? read article

We can assume that basically everyone is manipulative. We learn that during childhood.

How to help my children be more self-confident read article

There are phases when children and young people don’t like themselves and just find everything terrible.

Bad news from a prenatal diagnostician read article

Some of the worst news a pregnant woman can get: something is wrong with your child. It’s a shock that needs to be overcome and that you need to deal with.

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