Keeping the peace during conflict read article

During his counselling sessions, Martin Krautschneider often deals with clients who seek his help due to ongoing conflicts and disputes.

You want to get married? Sorry, but I don’t. read article

When the topic of marriage comes up in relationships, it is entirely possible for the couple to have completely different opinions. One of the two wants to get married, the other doesn’t. Stalemate?

The mobile as a disruptive element in a partnership read article

Mobile phones are common topics in counseling, particularly with issues relating to jealousy, attention or spending time together as a couple.

Who’s going to look after the children – you or me? read article

Couples often don’t agree on who should look after the children. The first question that comes up is where does that come from?

When divorce seems impossible read article

When married couples no longer feel that a marriage is right for them and they think about divorce, they often feel that their circumstances make it impossible to get divorced.

Expectations of a partnership read article

Relationships are fundamentally shaped by people’s expectations, and in a relationship we want to live up to our partner’s expectations.

My children don’t accept my new partner read article

There are often difficulties when people start a new relationship after separating from the mother or father of their children.

How can I best get to know my patchwork children? read article

There is a kind of forced dependence between stepparents and stepchildren – you should be able to get along with one another even if you don’t like one another at the start.

Contraception is relevant for everyone read article

Ignorance, a feeling of shame or incorrect information from sources that were not carefully selected – these are the obstacles that come up time and time again when it comes to talking about contraception with young people.

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