What should I do with my free time? read article

“Lots of people are still very worried about catching COVID and are spending a lot of time at home. Even young people remain isolated and don't really know what they should do with their time,” says Michaela Fischer.

My children don’t accept my new partner read article

There are often difficulties when people start a new relationship after separating from the mother or father of their children.

My friends gossip about me read article

Family, clothes, inadequate language skills, changes in behaviour, posts on social networks – these are some of the many reasons that could cause people to gossip about others.

Pregnant at 14 – what can you do? read article

Pregnancies are mostly not planned decisions in young women. Sexuality is often experienced at an early stage when the family situation is sub-optimal. 

Contraception is relevant for everyone read article

Ignorance, a feeling of shame or incorrect information from sources that were not carefully selected – these are the obstacles that come up time and time again when it comes to talking about contraception with young people.

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