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How do I learn to accept the situation I’m in?

There are situations and phases in life that lead to fears, negative thoughts and stress. These could be major issues such as separating from a partner, getting older, losing your job or being diagnosed with a disease, but it can also be seemingly insignificant things like arguing with a friend or losing your car key.

Josef Aigner has some tips to better handle the challenges of day-to-day life: “First and foremost I take a closer look. I let myself recognise that in that moment I'm not able to accept something very well, and I allow myself to have my emotions and thoughts.” Even potential reactions should be accepted: it’s normal to react to unpleasant experiences with stress or worry. It’s important to allow yourself to feel this without judging yourself for it. It’s worth trying to accept yourself the way you are.

“In conversations with clients, I often observe that people who are under psychological strain often use different time forms. This often results in helplessness and overloading. The problem is that you can only make changes and improve the situation as a result in the present.”

An attempt is made to work on small steps with the help of a counsellor. Those affected often find this to be very helpful, and there is hope and motivation to go on. “Unfortunately, in my field of work I often find that discussions in this area are difficult because the focus is on your own consternation, emotions and presentation of solutions,” says the counsellor from his own experience. Breathing and mindfulness exercises can also be helpful and make clients calmer and more focused. Sometimes, though, the only thing that is needed is acceptance of the situation and time, but above all a person’s patience with themselves.

Our interview partner

Josef Aigner works in men’s, family and couples’ counselling at Caritas St. Pölten, Lower Austria.

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The interview was conducted in June 2023.

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