Extremism Information Centre - Advice, Prevention, Intervention

Who we are and why you can trust us

We, the Extremism Information Centre team, are your first point of contact if you think your child, your friend, your pupil or another young person in your charge might have joined a radical religious group or an extremist political group, or that he or she might sympathise with extremist right-wing or radical Islamist ideas.

We are a multi-professional team with experience in providing advice. We speak Turkish, German, English, Arabic and Persian.

We listen, answer your questions and discuss further steps with you.

Help for family, friends and teachers

Have you noticed a sudden change your child’s way of life or habits, does he or she have new hobbies or friends? Has your best friend suddenly refused all contact? Do you have a student with radical views? Is your child becoming withdrawn and you are worried that you will lose contact with him or her?

Parents, relatives, friends and teachers are important contact persons in serious situations like these! They are often the first to notice when young people change and are in danger of becoming radicalized.

We, the team of the Extremism Information Centre, are there for you, if ...

  • ... you notice friends or relatives suddenly changing and shutting themselves off from you.
  • ... you suspect that your child may have joined a radical group
  • ... you are not sure whether your concerns are justified.
  • ... you feel that you can’t talk to anyone about this.

Our goals

  • Creating an information pool on extremism
  • Helping people to recognize real threats
  • Creating an environment for a comprehensive de-radicalisation process

Our measures

Comprehensive counselling services for family, friends and teachers

We offer advice on the telephone, face to face or online. We can give you orientation and help you to assess situations accurately, we answer your questions and provide assistance.

Training for communicators on the following key points

  • Diversity – handling differences in a constructive manner
  • Religiously motivated extremism such as Islamism, Salafism, Jihadism – ideologies, terminology, symbols, groups
  • Politically motivated extremism such as right-wing extremism, National Socialism – ideologies, history, symbols, groups
  • Racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Islamism

Contact us!

We will develop a bespoke training programme to meet your specific needs.

Networking and building expertise

  • Regular exchange between experts in the field
  • Common strategy to control extremism
  • Support in building regional counselling and network structures

Contact us – confide in us!

You can reach us personally Monday through Friday, 10am–3pm. If you call outside of these times, we will get back to you within 24 hours during the week. Free of charge in all of Austria. Anonymous and confidential!

You can reach us at:

Telephone: 0800 20 20 44

We are happy to arrange to meet with you in person.

FAQs on the Extremism Information Centre

This Text in German, Turkish, Arab and Persian.